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Wild week for all football codes

wild week photoBy Ray Hamill

It’s been a fun week for football, on both sides of the Atlantic.

In addition to a classic college championship game in the U.S. on Monday, we witnessed arguably the best EPL game of the season early Sunday, in the midst of a packed weekend of great NFL playoff action.

The week got off to a flying start when Nick Saban’s Alabama came from 13-0 down to defeat Georgia 26-23 in overtime to clinch a fifth national crown in nine years.

It was also Saban’s sixth national championship overall, a remarkable tally by any standards.

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Pats, Steelers the heavy favorites this weekend

Tune into the latest Bar Stool Fanatics podcast as the panel of Ray Hamill, Doug Specht and Mitch Snowden break down this weekend’s playoff action. On Saturday, the Falcons and Titans travel to take on the Eagles and Patriots, while on Sunday the Steelers host the Jaguars, followed by the Vikings hosting the Saints.



The force is weak with these Browns

By Ray Hamill

The NFL season might be over for most teams, but that doesn’t mean some of them haven’t left a lasting impression.

Take the Cleveland Browns, for example, who this season became just the second team ever to go 0-16, following in the footsteps of the other most pathetic team ever, the 2008 Detroit Lions.

Of course, this is not the sort of legacy any self-respecting Browns fanatic will take much pride in, but it is a lasting one nonetheless, and their very own slice of history.

It also showcases just how bad the Browns are.

And just how bad they continue to be.

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Football’s back, and that means …

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

By Ray Hamill

Don’t look now, but there are only 251 games remaining in the NFL season. Doesn’t time fly by?

Thus far, though, I have to say it’s been an exciting season, with no team currently sitting more than a game out of first place in their respective division (with the exception of the Bengals, surprise, surprise), and everything still to play for.

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NFL as unpredictable as ever


By Ray Hamill

If parity floats your boat, you’ve got to love the new-age NFL.

Unfortunately, however, that also means there are a lot of average teams in the league, and the days of the dominating dynasty would appear to be a thing of the past.

Just two weeks into the new season, 18 of the 32 teams are 1-1. What’s more telling, however, is that many of those teams – Dallas, Washington, Detroit, Minnesota, San Francisco, Miami, New England, Pittsburgh and Tennessee among others – have had a distinct jeckyll and Hyde look to them in back-to-back games, one week brilliant, one week awful.

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