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Football’s back, and that means …

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

By Ray Hamill

Don’t look now, but there are only 251 games remaining in the NFL season. Doesn’t time fly by?

Thus far, though, I have to say it’s been an exciting season, with no team currently sitting more than a game out of first place in their respective division (with the exception of the Bengals, surprise, surprise), and everything still to play for.

Having football back is great for many reasons. After all, football is about far more than just football. It’s about more than just the games. It’s about the tradition. Read more

A golden era for sports fanatics


By Ray Hamill

The weekends are a killer for me this time of the year, but sure what can you do?

Being a sports fanatic is like that sometimes. It’s rarely easy. It takes dedication, commitment, endurance, passion, and even a little insanity.

I mean, if you’re gonna cheer for a team, you may as well do it to the best of your ability, right?

And that sometimes means a very early start – or a very, very late finish, depending on your perspective – if you’re going to try and follow games taking place halfway around the globe, some eight time zones away. Read more

Sample Chapter

From the book Help, My Horse is Drowning! By Ray Hamill

14 – A narrow escape


“Make tea, not war,”

– Monty Python

They say hurling is a dangerous sport. 

It’s true. I once nearly got decapitated attending a game at Croke Park. 

But that’s nothing. I lose my head at lots of sporting events.

My grandfather, however, had an even more harrowing experience within the hallowed Irish sports ground. He was shot at in the middle of the field by the occupying British forces back during the Irish War of Independence. (And you thought Oakland Raiders fans were tough on opposing fans.)

But despite these notably unfortunate incidents along the way, Croke Park has usually been kind to my family, serving as a sort of shrine to the sports gods, at least the Irish ones, and handed down from generation to generation.

It is the largest stadium in Ireland – the fourth largest in all of Europe – packed to capacity with screaming fans every September for the All-Ireland hurling and Gaelic football finals, the “Irish Super Bowls,” the two biggest days on the Irish sporting calendar.

But Croke Park is more than just a stadium. It is an Irish sporting cathedral in the heart of the north side of Dublin City, and an iconic arena that transcends the world of sports. Read more

Another labor of love



By Ray Hamill

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my new book, Help, My Horse is Drowning!, available now on Amazon and any other book sites with suitable good taste (or who don’t know any better).

It’s a humorous look at the world of sports and how it impacts us on a daily basis, told through a series of anecdotes and observations from a lifetime association with sports.

From tales of the schoolyard and growing up in a sports-mad family back in Dublin City, to NFL Sundays in the bars of Northern California, Help, My Horse is Drowning! covers a wide gamut of stories, offering intriguing insights to the history of the sports we love and more than a few observations on the lovely madness of it all. Read more

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