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The finger of discontent pointed at Trump


Virginia cyclist Juli Briskman raises her middle finger in the direction of the president’s motorcade, showcasing the country’s discontent. She was later fired by her company/The NY Times

By Ray Hamill

A finger is a powerful tool.

It can be used to insult a president you think is not doing his job and probably doesn’t care about anything other than himself and endlessly feeding his own ego.

It can be used to show your true feelings in a moment of passion, to let a certain someone know what you think of his tax cuts for the wealthy, healthcare inadequacies, response to Puerto Rico, and policy on DACA.

It can be used as a form of protest against a president who seemingly spends more time golfing than working. More time tweeting than thinking about what he’s tweeting. And more time lying than facing up to the challenge of the truth.

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