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Mariota wins Heisman, hopes to avoid curse


By Ray Hamill

Congratulations to Marcus Mariota who joined a very illustrious club of recipients when he was named the winner of the Heisman Trophy on Saturday.

The award capped a big week for the Oregon quarterback. On Sunday, his team was included in the first ever four-team national championship playoffs, and on Thursday he stole the show at the national college football awards ceremony, being named Most Outstanding Player and Player of the Year, as well as taking home the top quarterback award. Continue reading

Just what are the best rivalries in sports?


By Ray Hamill

One of the oldest and most enduring rivalries in all of sports was back on center stage Saturday when Army played Navy for the 115th time.

And that got me wondering, just what is the greatest rivalry in sports?

It’s a question I’ve raised before with a variety of guests on my weekly radio show and one that always results in a passionate discussion, and about the only certainty from it all is there never is a consensus top pick.

But what makes a great rivalry? Continue reading

How come so many Heisman quarterbacks flop in the NFL?


By Ray Hamill

Success on the college football field doesn’t always translate to the NFL, but when it comes to Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks it’s almost a certainty it won’t.

And that’s nothing new.

In fact, if history is anything to go by, the closest Johnny Manziel or Jameis Winston is going to get to a Super Bowl any time soon will be somewhere in the stands or watching from the comfort of their living room. Continue reading

Four-team playoff field doesn’t go far enough


By Ray Hamill

We’re barely halfway through October and it’s already glaringly obvious – a four-team playoff tournament in college football needs to be expanded.

As it stands right now, the selection committee will have its hands full, opinions swayed and minds taxed to the limit trying to narrow it down to just four for January, with numerous teams still in the mix and making a case for inclusion. Continue reading

Canseco believes he’s the man to replace Mack Brown


By Ray Hamill

Jose Canseco is not as dumb as he looks. Apparently he’s a lot dumber than that.

Of course, that’s only true if you actually take him serious, which no one can possibly do any more.

Continue reading

A deserving Heisman winner


By Ray Hamill

In his first year as a college starter, Jameis Winston has made a habit of pulling out lopsided wins.

Saturday was no different.

In an announcement that surprised absolutely no one, the freshman quarterback took home the 2013 Heisman Trophy with the seventh largest margin of victory ever, earning 668 of 900 first-place votes for a total score of 2,205 points, more than three times the score of second-placed A.J. McCarron (704).

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North Coast Fan Zone


On this week’s show, Ray and the panel break down the World Cup draw, and take a look forward to all the weekend action in college football and the NFL, including making their weekly picks … Radio show 12-6-13

Get ready for Missouri in the BCS Championship


By Ray Hamill

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest the Tigers will win the SEC Championship.

The Missouri Tigers that is.

And I’m further going to suggest that they’ll play in the BCS Championship once they do.

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