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No great teams in the NFL any more


The Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots this Sunday/Zimbio

By Ray Hamill

This Sunday night sees a repeat of last season’s Super Bowl, when the Atlanta Falcons travel to the New England Patriots.

Whether or not we witness a repeat of the excitement we saw in Houston last February, it’s an intriguing showdown for many reasons, with both clubs struggling to find the form that led each to respective conference titles.

The Patriots have the worst defense in the NFL right now, and we’re far enough into the season where it’s become a trend and a serious concern, although Tom Brady has done his best to hide those concerns and has his team atop the AFC East at 4-2. 

Conversely, the Falcons have struggled on offense, and have stumbled their way to a 3-2 record, falling to a poor Miami Dolphins team last week, giving up a 17-point lead in the process. Read more

HSU football crucial to local community for so many reasons


Like many small school college teams around the country, HSU football is a big part of the local community. Football Scoop

By Ray Hamill

I’ll never forget the first big sporting event my father took me to as a child back in Dublin.

It was a hurling championship game at Croke Park, one of the largest and most historic stadiums in all of Europe, and as I climbed the steps of the cold grey stands for the first time ever that day, I remember feeling a tremendous sense of awe at the sight of the bright green field and the intense nature of the occasion.

That moment is a pivotal one for sports fans all over the world. It is an initiation of sorts, a rite of passage, a coming of age when you get to see the big stage up close for the first time ever.

Read more

Crazy season takes surreal turn


By Ray Hamill

It’s certainly been an interesting season so far for the Miami Dolphins, although I’m not sure anyone knew it was going to get quite this interesting.

But like a cheesy daytime soap opera, nothing seems too crazy these days for the scriptwriters in As The Dolphins World Turns, and nothing too shocking or too unbelievable.

Indeed, there have been plenty of storylines to keep us intrigued and guessing, and coming back for more. Read more

October a different prospect for NFL teams


Quarterback Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles are off to an impressive start. But can they continue it in October? NBC sports

By Ray Hamill

If September is a month full of sunshine and promise for NFL teams embarking on a new campaign, October, like the weather, often signals the beginning of a harsher reality.

This is the month where the real playoff contenders begin to step forward or fall too far back, where good teams find a way to address the early problems that plague every squad to some extent, and where trends become a reality and teams develop an identity, for good or bad.

October rings in the reality of what we can truly expect from the season, and a month that answers the endless questions posed by September. Read more

The master arsonist strikes again


Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump have dominated the news this past week. CBS Bay Area

By Ray Hamill

Congratulations to Colin Kaepernick. He is now officially the most Googled “Colin” on the internet, having recently moved ahead of Mr. Firth, Jost, Hanks, Cowherd and Powell.

He’s also quite probably the least understood “Colin” of the bunch. Not to mention the most polarizing, the most inspiring, the most hated, and perhaps even the most genuine of them all.

Whether you love him or hate him – and for the record, if you hate him for what he’s done, it means you either don’t understand him or you’re a racist – one thing you can say about the man is he is not afraid to take a stand for something he believes in.

Even, ironically, if that means not actually standing. Read more

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