About Us

“Imagination will take you everywhere,” Albert Einstein


At the age of 8, having failed in his lifelong ambition to become a vigilante werewolf, Ray Hamill finally admitted defeat and turned his attention full-time to daydreaming instead.

IMG_0838Whether or not the world is a less safe place because of that decision is debatable, but years later one thing is abundantly clear – the world of crime fighting’s loss is now the literary world’s gain.

Welcome to BarStoolFanatics.com, a website like no other website, because it is literally the only one called BarStoolFanatics.com.

Just like everyone else, we are truly unique.

Here we like to take a look at the world of sports through the eyes of the fanatic, offering the absolute best insights and opinions you’ll find anywhere on the internet.


We wouldn’t lie about something this important.

And hopefully somewhere along the line we’ll manage to make you laugh or smile a little, because if you can’t find a way to laugh at the craziness surrounding us every day, you might just drive yourself a little nuts trying to make sense of it all.

For the record, we like to focus mostly on football – all types of football, actually – because, well, that’s what we like to focus on. But occasionally we’ll offer you those wonderful insights on other things as well (lucky you).

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Ray moved to the United States in his early 20s, spending time in Boston and San Francisco before settling among the beautiful redwoods in Northern California, where he has worked as a journalist for the past 20 years.

A graduate of Rathmines College in Ireland, Ray has published three books in that time, including his most recent, Help, My Horse is Drowning!, a humorous look at the world of the sports fanatic and the enthusiastically delusional athlete in us all.

He previously published the outrageously satirical Free the Leprechauns as well as the semi-autobiographical Help Me, I’m Irish! – a book about the non-meaning of life.

You can visit his Amazon page at Ray Hamill.

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