The force is weak with these Browns

Browns SWBy Ray Hamill …

The NFL season might be over for most teams, but that doesn’t mean some of them haven’t left a lasting impression.

Take the Cleveland Browns, for example, who this season became just the second team ever to go 0-16, following in the footsteps of the other most pathetic team ever, the 2008 Detroit Lions.

Of course, this is not the sort of legacy any self-respecting Browns fanatic will take much pride in, but it is a lasting one nonetheless, and their very own slice of history.

It also showcases just how bad the Browns are.

And just how bad they continue to be.

They have now finished last in their division in 14 of the 15 seasons dating back to 2002, the last time they made the playoffs, which is currently the longest drought for any team in the four major professional American sports leagues.

In other words, the Browns aren’t just football bad, they’re every sport bad.

But that’s not even the most embarrassing statistic associated with the team these days. Believe it or not, they have managed just one win in the past two seasons and have not won on a Sunday dating all the way back to Dec. 13 2015.

As the CBS commentators pointed out during a recent game, three Star Wars movies have now been released since they last won a Sunday game.

Three Stars Wars movies!

We no longer measure the Browns’ inadequacies in mere games or seasons. We now measure them in how many Star Wars movies have been released since they won.

And it’s going to get worse.

There are two additional Star Wars movies due out before next season, which means Browns fans will have seen the release of five different Star Wars movie in between Sunday wins for their favorite team.


Hell, at this rate, they may not win again on a Sunday before the highly anticipated episode IX release in December of 2019.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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