Premier League gets busy in December


All I want for Christmas is a championship run. The EPL is traditionally one of the busiest leagues around the festive period/Vice Sports

By Ray Hamill

Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a wild few weeks in the English Premier League.

While other leagues around Europe usually take it easy around Christmas, the EPL has traditionally taken the opposite approach and packed the schedule for the month of December.

Managers hate it, but fans love it, with as many games as they could wish for around the holiday.

To put it in perspective, think about it this way. The EPL season stretches from August to May, with games being played in 10 different months. But more than a quarter of that schedule (10 of the 38 rounds) occur in the five-and-a-half weeks between Nov. 25th and New Year’s Day.

That’s by far the busiest part of the schedule. A stretch that can decide championships, and a run that can go a long way toward deciding who gets into the Champions League for 2018 and who gets relegated.

Enjoy the ride.

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