The finger of discontent pointed at Trump


Virginia cyclist Juli Briskman raises her middle finger in the direction of the president’s motorcade, showcasing the country’s discontent. She was later fired by her company/The NY Times

By Ray Hamill

A finger is a powerful tool.

It can be used to insult a president you think is not doing his job and probably doesn’t care about anything other than himself and endlessly feeding his own ego.

It can be used to show your true feelings in a moment of passion, to let a certain someone know what you think of his tax cuts for the wealthy, healthcare inadequacies, response to Puerto Rico, and policy on DACA.

It can be used as a form of protest against a president who seemingly spends more time golfing than working. More time tweeting than thinking about what he’s tweeting. And more time lying than facing up to the challenge of the truth.

A finger, however, can also get you fired.

It can allow someone who may disagree with your ideals to send you packing.

To tell you that if you don’t play the game by their rules, they’re gonna take their ball and go home.

It can be used as an excuse to hide behind a company policy on social media that bans “obscene content.” (If only the White House had a similar company policy.)

In the same breath, a finger can be used to pull a trigger.

It can be used to kill 26 people praying in a church in Texas.

To end more innocent lives. To leave us once again wondering when is enough enough? To ask once more the endless question, when will the madness finally end?

And a finger can be pointed in blame.

It can be used to tell us all to pray for the victims, although they probably don’t need our prayers. They were in church, after all. What they really needed was some sanity when it comes to gun control.

And a finger can be used to deflect blame.

To hide the real facts. To point us in the wrong direction again and again and again.

And a finger can be used to sign a check.

To fund elections, to saturate political parties, to buy votes and voice fear among the masses.

It can be used for hypocrisy, for greed, for continued insanity. It can be used to engage in apathy. To look the other way. To not care about basic human considerations.

This week, a finger was used for all those things and more.

And most of all, it was used to showcase the glaring division in the country right now, the discontent in society, the madness, the frustration, the brutal reality of what are not normal times.

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