What have we learned so far this season?


By Ray Hamill

Believe it or not, this weekend we’ll be a quarter of the way through the NFL season. 


And with that in mind we’re beginning to see some patterns emerge, some trends and consistencies, even if that means we consistently don’t know what to expect for sure on any given weekend.

So what have we learned thus far?

Well, in the ever-changing world of the NFL, some things apparently never seem to change, and the top of the passing charts has a terribly familiar look to it.

Through three games (going into Thursday night), Tom Brady leads the way with 1,092 yards passing, followed closely by Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, five QBs who have played a combined 73 seasons in the NFL.

Experience still counts for something in the world of professional football.

Aside from that, the big stories thus far have involved rookie running backs stealing the show, unpredictable parity throughout the entire league, and the sight of almost everyone taking a knee except the one man who started it all and a player who SHOULD be playing somewhere.

Shame on the owners for that.

For those who are playing, we have seen an abundance of the same old, same old.

New team, same old Jay Cutler.

New season, same old Niners.

New city, same old Philip Rivers and the Chargers. (Four touchdowns, four picks and four sacks. He is, if nothing else, at least consistent.).

On the surprising front …

The Rams and Bills are both leading their division, even if one of them is unlikely to stay there (see if you can guess which one).

The Jets are not the worst team in football, despite their best offseason efforts to be so.

The Jaguars could be really good this year. Oh wait, no they’re not. Oh wait, yes they are. Oh wait …

The NFC East is the tightest and most competitive division in football.

The NFC North is the other tightest and most competitive division in football.

The AFC West is the other other tightest and most competitive division in football.

The Browns and Texans may each have found their quarterback of the future. It didn’t take them long, huh?

The Raiders don’t have the killer instinct you need to develop a championship mentality – yet.

Carson Wentz is legit.

September in the NFL has been as unpredictable as it’s been fun. Bring on October …

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