NFL more unpredictable than ever


By Ray Hamill

If he were alive today, Pete Rozelle would be a proud man.

More than two decades after his passing, the former NFL commissioner’s vision for a contemporary sports league is alive and well, and his dream of competitive balance more prevalent than ever before.

This is the modern-day version of the NFL, a league where parity reigns supreme, a league full of average teams lacking in greatness, and a league where unpredictability has become the norm and the old adage “on any given Sunday” rings more true than ever.

Through just three weeks there remains just two undefeated teams (the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs), which has got to be an all-time low this early in the campaign.

The poor old (figuratively and literally) ’72 Dolphins must be shaking in their wheelchairs.

Rozelle hated the idea of a few teams dominating the NFL (which was the case for generations) and wanted every team’s fanbase to believe they had a chance every week.

And boy, did he get his wish.

The modern-day NFL is a crapshoot on any given Sunday. A league where any team can beat any other team, or, depending on your point of view, a league where any team can lose to any other team.

That’s the norm now.

Through the opening three weeks of play, just 11 of the 32 teams have managed to post back-to-back wins, and three of them (the Ravens, Panthers and Raiders) each got blown out a week later.

That’s parity. That’s unpredictability. That’s the modern-day NFL.

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