Mariota wins Heisman, hopes to avoid curse


By Ray Hamill

Congratulations to Marcus Mariota who joined a very illustrious club of recipients when he was named the winner of the Heisman Trophy on Saturday.

The award capped a big week for the Oregon quarterback. On Sunday, his team was included in the first ever four-team national championship playoffs, and on Thursday he stole the show at the national college football awards ceremony, being named Most Outstanding Player and Player of the Year, as well as taking home the top quarterback award.

Mariota was heavily favored to win the Heisman after accounting for 53 touchdowns this season, including 38 scoring passes to just two interceptions.

He becomes the 13th quarterback in the past 14 years to win the Heisman, although he will be hoping to fare better than many of his predecessors, who have struggled considerably to impress in the pro ranks.

Are Heisman quarterbacks cursed when it comes to the NFL? The statistics say yes and it’s a topic I previously wrote about in How come so many Heisman quarterbacks flop in the NFL?

The Ducks, seeded No. 2 for the playoffs, will match up with Florida State on New Year’s Day for a place in the national championship game on Jan. 12.

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