Best bets for weekend playoff action


By Ray Hamill

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have not been playoff underdogs in six years, but that’s no excuse to sound like a fool.

Speaking on radio this week, the Golden Boy reacted to the news by suggesting no one would pick them to win at Denver, before adding “we’ve got a bunch of underdogs on our team, and we’ll be an underdog again.”

Really Tom? I bet Gisele would pick you to win.

And judging by the way the line has slipped from 6.5 to 4 within the first 24 hours or so suggests there are a few others who might be “going out on a limb” and picking the Patriots to beat the Broncos as well.

Brady’s comments, in the great tradition of cliched sports quotes, are completely meaningless, and anyone who actually takes him serious is as foolish as he sounds.

Yes, officially the Broncos are favored, but barely by more than the usual three-point home-field advantage, which suggests that everyone not named Tom Brady is almost equally split across the board in trying to figure out who’s the better team.

In other words, the Patriots are not so much underdogs as close second favorites, and the very idea of a New England team entering the game – any game – feeling anything less than overwhelming confidence is as ludicrous as Brady not reaching the hall of fame exactly five years after he retires.

It does, however, highlight just how difficult it is to call this game, especially the way the Patriots have rallied this season and the magnificent job Grumpy their head coach has done.

With two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game going head to head, and a pair of offenses well capable of putting up big numbers, this is an extremely difficult one to call, something that should be reflected in the line as the week goes on.

But precisely because of the, the over-under at 55 might be a safer bet on the upside.

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