The curse of Vanilla Ice? So that’s why Texans are losing


By Ray Hamill

Move over Bambino, there’s a new curse in town, and like with all curses in sports, this one is as bizarre as it is entertaining.

The Houston Texans are arguably the worst team in the NFL (actually they are). They have lost nine straight games and have seen a season that began with serious Super Bowl ambitions fall well shy of expectations.

So naturally, Houston fans are looking for someone to blame, and who better than good old Vanilla Ice, who, believe it or not, is actually still alive.

The reason they want to blame him? 

Well, apparently Mr. Ice – a Houston native – performed at halftime of a Texans game in September and the team has not won since, so obviously he’s to blame.


Never mind that the Texans don’t have a quarterback among the top-40 in the NFL in QB rating (and remember there are only 31 other teams), or that some idiot fans think burning jerseys outside the stadium is an intelligent way to show their disgust, or that their special teams are among the worst in football, or any other number of reasons why they stink.

Texans running back Ben Tate took the whole “Vanilla Ice curse” a step further after his team lost the “Toilet Bowl” against an equally poor Jaguars team on Sunday, when he suggested they bring Vanilla Ice back to perform again in order to squish the curse.

Seriously? You want to expose your fans to Vanilla Ice a second time? Once wasn’t enough?

If you really want to win Ben, maybe you should worry about rushing for more than one yard against Jags, the fourth worst run defense in the NFL. That might help.

Or maybe, that’s just what the Texans get for inviting someone as bad as Vanilla Ice to perform at halftime of their game.

What, were Milli Vanilli not available?

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