A breath of fresh Airness


By Ray Hamill

There was a Michael Jordan sighting on the internet this week, which was a big deal because, well, even when MJ plays beer pong it’s apparently more newsworthy than anything mere non-G.O.A.T.s do.

Jordan was pictured playing the game at a wedding in Miami, and the moment went viral almost immediately as the social media world went gaga over the news of His Airness returning to the competitive fields and briefly stealing the spotlight back from that wannabe LeBron something or other, who, believe it or not, only has one ring for each hand.

Naturally, the rumors flowed in the aftermath of the occasion.

Could MJ be about to make a comeback – in something?

Could this be the real reason he stopped playing basketball?

Does he know a top beer ponger can make as much as $20,000 by winning the World Series of Beer Pong? 

Every year!

In fairness to His Airness, he also appeared to be quite happy in the moment, and that’s not something we’ve seen too often recently from the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, a franchise that even sports fans in the city of Cleveland feel sorry for.

But then again, that’s understandable. After all, there is nothing quite like the thrill of landing a buzzer-beating ping pong in a red solo cup and watching the humiliation of your beaten opponent as he chugs down a cheap domestic beer. He knew you were the one that was going to take the shot. Everyone in the drunken frat house knew you were the one going to take the shot. And still they couldn’t stop you.

(Of course, you have to be careful not to showboat too much for fear he’ll “accidentally” hit you square in the face with a ping pong on the next toss.)

That’s the sort of adrenalin rush you can never replicate once your playing days are over, and the type of competitive craving that makes it so difficult to walk away sometimes.

Ah, the life of a professional frat boy.

Clearly from the pictures, however, MJ doesn’t understand the elbow rule in beer pong, or maybe he just chose to ignore it because, as Bryon Russell and every desperate Utah Jazz fan will tell you, MJ always gets the calls.

(Seriously Michael, if you’re going to lean that far why don’t you just dunk the damn ping pong?)

Alas, even that wasn’t enough, and MJ apparently lost the game, which in turn had Kobe reportedly rushing out to find a beer pong table, jumping at the opportunity of finally discovering something he might actually be better at than Michael Jordan.

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