You gotta love the freshman’s honesty


By Ray Hamill

I think I’m going to enjoy watching Andrew Wiggins. His honesty, at least, is refreshing in a sports world where way too many stars hide behind rehashed cliched answers or prefer to just lie outright.

During an interview on ESPN last week, the freshman sensation was asked what he’s enjoyed most since arriving at Kansas, and he replied “I would say just enjoying my last year of school.”

Your last year of school? 

Didn’t you just get there?

In fact, when he gave the interview, Wiggins had yet to  play a single game for Kansas and yet he was already looking toward jumping to the NBA and ambitiously eyeing being the No. 1 overall pick.

And when you get right down to it, who can blame him?

The NBA rule that prevents high school players from being drafted is in place to protect the numerous players who were ill-prepared for the pros at such a young age and to give them another year of developing in the NBA’s free farm system.

If the rule wasn’t in place, Wiggins would already be on an NBA roster.

And again, who can blame him when you consider the money involved.

In fact, six of the past seven top overall picks in the NBA draft have been one-and-done freshmen, most of whom only played college ball because they had to play for at least one year.

Wiggins will likely become the next to do so, and he’s not pretending anything different.

If he’s as assertive and confident on the court as he is in the interview chair, it’s going to be fun watching this guy in the coming years.

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