Nothing quite like a little romance, football and taser guns


By Ray Hamill

Ever make a bet you regretted? 

John Grant did. And he won.

But then again, by the sounds of things John Grant is not your typical hot-head sports fan. He’s a much bigger idiot than that.

While watching Monday’s NFL game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Bay Packers in a bar in Wisconsin, John, who happens to be a Bears fan, bet his girlfriend Nicole, who happens to be a Packers fan, that the winner would get to taser the other.

Yes he did.

Now, I’m not sure if this is a first for the oldest rivalry in pro football, but I’m guessing it is, and about the only thing more surprising than the bet itself, is that John actually made her pay up.

Yes he did.

According to multiple reports, at first she was a great sport about it, allowing him to taser her on the buttocks, while she laughed and captured the romantic moment on her cellphone (ah, true love, the redneck way), and then he tasered her a second time, again on the buttocks, and again she was a good sport about it all.

When it comes to tasering your girlfriend, however, apparently the third time is not the charm, and when John stunned her once more – yes he did – she stopped laughing, decided it wasn’t such a romantic occasion after all, and called the cops on him, resulting in his arrest.

No word yet on what the two lovebirds have planned for Valentine’s Day, but if convicted, he could face up to six years in prison.

Somewhere up above, you just know Vince Lombardi is standing alongside George Halas with a confused look on his face asking “what the hell is going on here?”


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