Bizarre story has at least one non-surprising aspect


By Ray Hamill

I wonder if Richie Incognito can coerce Jonathan Martin to pay for the team of lawyers he’s going to need. 

He’ll probably try. 

After all, he’s been conditioned to believe he can get away with nonsense like that for years (mostly because he has actually gotten away with nonsense like that for years), and I for one would be surprised if he wasn’t at least a little proud of his newfound reputation.

Incognito, for those of you who may have been stranded on a desert island over the weekend, is the latest “spoiled brat rich athlete” to transcend the world of sports, and over the past 48 hours the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman has become the new poster child for NFL bullies after he allegedly threatened teammate Martin several times, a series of events that led eventually to Martin walking out on the team last week.

It has been a bizarre story to say the least, with the twists and turns coming at us faster than an All-Pro pass rush, and Incognito, in typical “spoiled brat rich athlete” fashion, immediately denied the allegations, tweeting his innocence to the world behind veiled threats of lawsuits, before quickly growing silent when a voicemail of the transgressions emerged and the world of public opinion immediately registered a “definitely guilty” verdict.

That’s an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, Richie.

Oh, and by the way, it also means you’ve played your last game in the NFL. (Bet you didn’t think about that when you – allegedly – forced Martin to give you $15,000 to pay for your trip to Las Vegas.)

The story has left many of us wondering how a 300-pound offensive tackle like Martin could be bullied, and many others saying to themselves – silently or not – that Martin is obviously just not cut out for such a “manly” sport as football, where hazing (a.k.a. bullying) is seen as a rite of passage that brings teams closer, albeit a rite of passage many veteran players have long since taken a proverbial mile too far.

However, no matter what narrow minded way you look at it, threatening to kill someone, or calling them racial slurs, or threatening to slap their mother (seriously Richie, you want to slap his mother?), all go way beyond a simple case of hazing a rookie, especially when Martin is no longer actually a rookie. 

The whole story, which continues to unfold and has garnered national media attention while fast becoming the biggest non-football NFL story of the year, has been surprising from the get-go with one notable exception.

It was reported late Monday on ( that it appears it was Incognito’s father who wrote a long (very ignorant and racist) message about the incident on a popular Miami Dolphins message board, defending the player’s behavior while essentially informing us Martin is a junkie (apparently just because he’s black) and praying that the Dolphins head coach and GM both die of AIDS or something worse. puts forth a very convincing argument that the message writer is Incognito’s father, and if that’s true it should be the least surprising aspect of the entire story.

If you ever wonder why an ignorant racist ass acts the way he does, you usually don’t have to look very far.

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