Call this one the ‘karma rule’


By Ray Hamill

Holy crap, don’t look now, but a team in the NFC East actually has a winning record. 

And like clockwork, that must mean it’s almost time for Tony Romo and the Cowboys to find a way to lose a game again.

Some observations from Sunday’s NFL action …

* How impressive have the Colts been? Well, let’s put it this way. The Seahawks, Niners and Broncos – three of the best teams in the NFL – are a combined 17-4, with three of those four losses coming at the hands of the Colts.

* Matt Barkley threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter of his debut for the Eagles on Sunday, or as Eli Manning calls it, a good day.

* Maybe Nick Foles doesn’t give the Eagles a better chance of winning after all.

* What’s that you’re telling me, a bizarre rule no one’s ever heard of affected the outcome of a Patriots game? Hmm, we’ve never seen that before. This one will henceforth be known as the “karma rule.”

* Hey Brady, that’s what you get for raiding Mr. Rogers’ wardrobe on your way to post-game interviews.

* New rule for post-game interviews – don’t let your clothes say more to reporters than you do.

* Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Tom Brady look more and more like Forest Gump every day.

* Hey Belichick, that’s what you get for … being so lovable and bubbly all those years.

* Did you know that in terms of yards allowed per game, the NFC East has four of the worst nine defenses in the league, or to put that another way, the NFC East has exactly none of the top-23 defenses in the league.

That’s not what this division is known for.

* Kansas City is the last remaining unbeaten team in the NFL, and with all due respect to the over-achieving Chiefs, I’m pretty sure the 1972 Dolphins are all sitting quite comfortable in their wheelchairs right now. 

It’s tough to win in the NFL, so the Chiefs should be commended for doing exactly that, but their seven opponents are a combined 15-33 and none of them has a winning record.

* Andrew Luck might just have a future in this league. You heard it here first.

* Anyone else noticing how many points the Broncos are giving up …

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